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Classics of Mei Lanfang
Starring Mei Baojiu, son of Mei Lanfang

Saturday, October 11 at 7:30 PM
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  1. Havoc in the Divine Palace (Starring Wang Xueqing)

The excerpt is based on the earliest chapters of the Chinese classic story Journey to the West.  The Monkey King, Sun Wu-kung is furious after learning that he is not invited to the Peach Banquet held by the Jade Emperor of Heaven.  He sneaks into the Divine Palace, steals the longevity peaches and elixir pills.  The Jade Emperor summons his troops to capture the mischievous Monkey King, however, the troops are defeated.

    2.  The Rite for Blessing of a Goddess (Starring Zhang Xinyue)

This excerpt is based on a Buddhist tale.  Sakyamuni hears that Vimalakirti is sick and asks the goddess to bless him by scattering flowers on Earth.

    3.  Farewell My Concubine (Starring Chen Junjie & Hu Wenge)

King Xiang Yu and his troops are ambushed by their enemy Liu Bang.  Unable to break out of the siege, the King drinks in despair.  His favorite concubine, Yu Ji, does not want to be a burden to him, and tries to lighten his spirit with dancing and singing before taking her own life with a sword. 

    4.  The Drunken Beauty (Starring Mei Baojiu)

This is an episode taken from the famous love story between Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty and his favorite consort, Yang Guifei.  One evening, the Emperor orders that a banquet be prepared in honor of Yang at the Pavilion.  Yang comes to the Pavilion and waits for the Emperor, but instead finds out that the Emperor has gone to visit another lady.  Yang, disappointed and jealous, tries to drink her sorrow away. 


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